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Welcome to FitNOW Club. My name is Mladenko Karac also known as Mike. I have passion for health and fitness. In early 2014, I started a small Boot Camp class in the heart of St. Pete at Crescent Lake Park right off of 22nd Avenue between 4th Street and MLK. In April 2014, a new idea was born and I founded FitNOW Club. The idea expanded from a small class to the online community bringing like minded people of all ages to the same place. I am dedicated to helping people achieve their true health and fitness through the power of exercise and balanced nutrition. My mission is to make FitNOW Club a place where visitors and members can find what they need to achieve their desired fitness and health results.  I believe in this so strongly that FitNOW Club’s vision statement is “To be the leading Fitness provider that serves millions of people worldwide, delivers effective fitness products and programs, finest grade nutritional supplements and raving services through team spirit and culture of growth and expansion that’s built on integrity, trust and excellence.”

Nowadays, our food lacks the nutrition the body needs to sustain itself. I have solved this problem for you! FitNOW Club has partnered with USANA Health Sciences based out of Salt Lake City to connect you to the best nutritionals and dietary products. You can now get the finest grade nutritional supplements, MySmart Foods USANA proprietary food line and Rev3 energy drink right from our website. We offer a wide array of optimizers to help improve your health and optimize your fitness performance.

Not only did we solve that for you, we are happy to say that you can get off to a good start by taking a free USANA Health Assessment that’s specifically tailored to each individual. The health assessment is available from the Health menu link under “How Healthy Are You?” Take a free health assessment today!

For more information about USANA and the founder, click on the Health link under menu and follow “Visit me on USANA.”
We stand behind 14 other products offered through our Affiliates that have the same goal, to help you with your transformation to a fitter and healthier version of you. When you sign up for our newsletter, we will share more information about these products and provide educational material that will get you even closer to your end result.

By being a member of our community, I will also send you a free eBook, “The ABC’s of Bodybuilding, Diet and Fitness.” The blog is another source of powerful educational content. Check out our articles today!

We may run an incentive from time to time to inspire you to embark on your fitness journey or if you are already exercising, help you along your journey.

As of right now, we are giving away a free 3-day vacation to Clearwater Beach to one lucky winner that will be announced live on Facebook. To enter our drawing, visit our Home page and sign up for the vacation giveaway.

To save the best for last, I’m assembling a team of ambitious people that love to help others. Our team effort is to help others achieve true health, time freedom and financial independence. All I ask is for you to be teachable, able and willing to learn and to apply what you learn. Would you like to be on my team? Visit the Business Opportunity link from the menu, enter your first name and e-mail address to learn more. Join my team today! Love life and live it!



Mladenko (Mike) Karac

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