February 09, 2020

Beach season is coming up fast. If you haven’t hit your goal of achieving that sexy six-pack, it’s not too late. Armed with the right workout, you can blast away the fat around your midsection WHILE building lean muscle to show off. The secret is in how you train. Let’s take a look at arguably one of the most effective and beneficial ways to burn fat, build muscle, and look awesome with this “Get Ripped Workout”.


High Intensity Interval Training involves performing a series of exercises, usually based on bodyweight, in rapid succession. You must finish all of the repetitions in one exercise before moving on to the next. Break time comes at the end of the list. This is where you breathe for 2 to 3 minutes then begin again.


H.I.I.T. has been the center of many studies to determine just how effective it can be at promoting higher levels of fat burning and muscle building. Several studies have demonstrated the following benefits:

  • Amplifies FAT oxidation (body directly goes after fat for energy)
  • Dramatically increases EPOC levels (the number of calories you keep burning AFTER you finish working out)
  • Promotes higher levels of fat burning and muscle building when compared to traditional steady state exercise
  • Reduces the risk of cardiometabolic risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol (1-3)

Convinced? Let’s get you set up with a High Intensity Interval Training workout that you can start right away.


Here’s a “Get Ripped Workout” that only takes 10 minutes to complete. Key points to remember:

  • Finish ALL repetitions before moving to the next exercise
  • Move quickly but with perfect form
  • Rest break: 2 to 3 minutes then begin again
  • Jump Squats: 20 repetitions
  • Push-ups: 15
  • Lunges: 20
  • Pull-ups: 10
  • Lying Leg Lift: 25
  • Mountain Climbers: 30
  • Plank: 60 seconds
  • Burpees: 10


After you finish up with your new workout, be sure to try these well-known fat burning foods to boost your results.

Green Tea

This simple drink has a huge effect on your metabolic rate, which is why it’s so popular as a supplement. Green tea has been shown to increase your body’s natural metabolism, promoting a higher level of calorie burning. Another great reason to drink green tea is that it contains antioxidants, which fight free radicals in the body. (4,5)


Popular for its anti-nausea benefits, ginger is an amazing super food. It has been shown in several studies to promote proper digestion, which is necessary for nutrient uptake and waste removal. It can also be beneficial for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. (6)

Lean Proteins

High protein foods that are also lean can keep you feeling fuller longer AND they promote muscle building. Choose a lean chicken breast over a cheeseburger for protein and you’ll be helping your body burn more calories and build muscle. (7,8)


High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as H.I.I.T., does more than just give you a killer body with this get ripped workout. It also saves you time. That’s time you can spend on your diet program doing meal prep. Remember that nutrition is the other half of the battle so you need to be just as dedicated. Also, check out our “Best Exercises for Building Muscle and Losing Weight Fast”. 

Have any great muscle building recipes you want to share?

Has H.I.I.T. changed your life? Tell us about it below!

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