About Us

Welcome to FitNOW Club. My name is Mladenko Karac also known as Mike. I have passion for health and fitness. In early 2014, I started a small Boot Camp class in the heart of St. Pete at Crescent Lake Park right off of 22nd Avenue between 4th Street and MLK. In April 2014, a new idea was born and I founded FitNOW Club. The idea expanded from a small class to the online community bringing like-minded people of all ages to the same place. I am dedicated to helping people achieve their true health and fitness through the power of exercise and balanced nutrition. I focus on the weight loss using proven methods such as intermittent fasting and workout programs that work.

My mission is to make FitNOW Club a place where visitors and members can find what they need to achieve their desired fitness and health results. I believe in this so strongly that FitNOW Club’s vision statement is:
“To be the leading Fitness provider that serves millions of people worldwide, delivers effective fitness products and programs, finest grade nutritional supplements and raving services through team spirit and culture of growth and expansion that’s built on integrity, trust and excellence.”

Nowadays, everyone wants to be an expert and we are bombarded with information day in and day out. “Get fit fast and easy”, “Learn the new secrets to building muscle and losing weight”. We hear about techniques that can help us transform quickly with little to no effort. There are so many weight loss gimmicks out there, and those that make bold promises.

But I can’t tell you how much incomplete information there is out there and some that just straight up keeps you in the same vicious circle. It’s become a challenge knowing what works and what doesn’t. I get it and I have gone through the same experience.

The good news is that I have done the necessary research and know from experience what truly works. You already know that commitment and perseverance is your best friend. I have years of study and expertise under my belt and I eliminated skepticism by bringing you only the best products that are backed by science. It’s that simple. These products work and they will work for as long as you do.

I would like to thank you for coming here and reading through the information. I appreciate that you’re putting trust in me. My goal is to deliver on my promises because I’m set on making a difference in the world.

We are excited to announce that we just released a new product. The bodyweight resistance system or complete home gym is available in our store and on Amazon. As a bonus, you will get a complete 12-week workout program for beginner, intermediate and advanced.  

Having a good plan in place gives you a solid foundation to build on. Good luck with your body transformation and here’s to your success to a new you! 😊


Mladenko (Mike) Karac