We truly believe that to achieve overall health, it’s important to put emphasis on the mind-body connection. It’s not only about exercising; it’s about building the discipline, good habits and having the right mindset that will catapult you to achieve your desired results. Being equipped with the right knowledge and tools is great, but we would like to take it a step further to help you integrate the knowledge and apply it to your benefit. The mind can sometimes create resistance, but we would like to help you overcome some of those challenges. For that reason, we have partnered with Listening to Smile founded by Ian Morris that is a powerful intention setting, healing music that works on a deep energetic level.

Sound healing is a great addition to all forms of self-care. It complements health and wellness and it’s an integral part of it. It serves the overall well-being. Ultimately, we feel that sound healing and self-care are very personal explorations with many different paths that have different outcomes for each person involved.

When you hear Ian’s story, you will understand the power of it and how it can work for weight loss and overall wellness. This is a unique sound wellness/healing modality. Click here to get started and use my discount code mikekarac19. You will save $10 on each album.