Digital Cashback

YEM (Your Everyday Money) was conceived in 2017 with the purpose of creating an international digital currency that combines all the available strengths of blockchain technology without adopting the weaknesses of nowadays cryptocurrencies. 

YEM is one of the few "real" digital currencies that fulfill the requirements to be used for payments and other financial transactions. YEM was designed to be “Your Everyday Money.” YEM is regulated and represented by its own Regulatory Authority, the YEM Foundation, which is accredited as an international nongovernmental organization. Every 3 years, all YEM holders elect the Board of International Directors (BID) of the YEM Foundation.

The main goal of YEM is to be adopted by the general public on a global scale as an alternative means of payment to fiat money. YEM is currently used around the world by consumers and merchants. More than 1.2 million individuals and businesses already hold YEM as part of their financial and wealth planning.

The YEM Foundation is the regulatory organization for YEM and it takes measures for protection and stability of YEM, comparable to the central bank for fiat currency. By fulfilling the requirements set by the United Nations (UN) in their statutes, the YEM Foundation has the status of an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO). The Union of International Associations (UIA) that keeps records of all active non-governmental organizations on behalf of the United Nations, has officially listed the YEM Foundation as an INGO. Currently, the YEM FOUNDATION is seeking participant status to the UN Economic and Social Council as well as in the Council of Europe, following its inherent support of several United Nations goals, such as the global fight against poverty.

Benefits of YEM

  • Privacy instead of anonymity
  • Stability instead of volatility
  • Fast, secure and inexpensive transactions
  • Fiscal security or worldwide tax security
  • Easy to use
  • Full transparency and honesty
  • Stability
  • Availability

I would like to offer all FitNOW Club customers the opportunity to be rewarded 100% in Digital Cashback for every purchase made on our online store. 

How do I sign up to receive YEM Cashback? 

In order to receive YEM Cashback, you may sign up for a free SAFEZONE pass by going to the following link- Upon registration, you will be assigned a free SAFEZONE pass or Pernum (Personal Number) that you will use to log in to SAFEZONE and you will be granted access to your own Pernum digital wallet.  

What is required to claim my YEM Cashback?

  1. Save your FitNOW Club sales receipt and send it to us by email at
  2. Provide your Pernum number in the subject line.
  3. Once the sales receipt is validated, you can expect a 100% refund in Digital Cashback of the total purchase made within 7 days from the date of the purchase. Your Cashback will be issued on PernumPay and it will be sent directly to your Pernum wallet which can be accessed on

Please note that YEM Cashback percentage may be adjusted in the future based on the customer demand. Thank you for being a valued FitNOW Club customer!


Important links:

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